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Emergency Response Crowd Control Services

Mon, 03/16/2020 - 09:00 | by PEAK Team

We have decades of experience assisting the community in their emergency response solutions and needs.  Whether you need to protect your visitors, clients or patients from the elements, create drive-through testing areas, or organize additional supplies, we have short- and long-term tented solutions for your testing, crowd control and emergency response needs.  For immediate assistance, call 833-888-7325 or 781-503-2144.


Tented Structure

Our tents are completely customizable based on need. Create an extra place for drive through testing facilities, supply storage, in-line patient/client coverage from the elements, screening areas, employee break spaces, drive through screening areas, pop-up kitchen or catering areas and more.  With 24/7 support available and rapid installation, our experienced team can you find the right solution.

Tent Options and FeaturesMedical TentDrive Thru Testing


Line Control & Sanitation

Line Control + Sanitation

StanchionsUse for crowd control, temporary area closures, and guide people to the proper destination through clear pathways and simple signage.

Easels: Improve way-finding and use for signage and/or directions.

Hand Sinks: Ensure guests have a place to wash their hands by adding sanitation stations outside of building, or inside your tent.



Pipe & Drape + Folding Screens: Create additional screening areas, privacy shields or block off restricted areas.

Concrete Blocks: Use as dividers through outdoor spaces, control traffic

Food Prep & Storage

Food Storage Solutions

Food Prep, Storage & Transport: Provide extra storage for food and/or medical supplies, or use in a temporary catering/kitchen area.