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Back to Back Bash

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 17:26 | by PEAK Team

That age-old adage is true: you spend months and months planning for your big day and then, it’s over before you know it. While this year’s pandemic and subsequent event restrictions have certainly changed many couples’ plans to say “I do,” we believe now is the perfect opportunity to pivot your plans, ditch tradition and create an intimate celebration that can last all weekend long. Check out some creative ways to rethink your big day.

The Celebration Breakdown:


Same Day Celebrations

Two is better than one, right?! Break up your celebration into two events over the course of one day. Start with a brunch with family members, then live-stream your ceremony, before celebrating with friends during a dinner party reception.

Multi-Day Events

Turn your big day into big days. Say goodbye to the rehearsal dinner, wedding day, brunch schedule and switch things up a bit. Celebrate your ceremony and cocktail hour with family on Friday, your reception with friends on Saturday and a post-wedding brunch with immediate family and the wedding party on Sunday. Or, split your guest count down the middle and celebrate with a small ceremony and reception back-to-back nights, followed by a family brunch on Sunday to cap off the weekend. 

Go Small Now, Go Big Later

Postponed your wedding day but still want to get married or celebrate on the date you had originally planned? We’ve got you covered. Host an intimate gathering at home with several of your closest family members and friends, then have the big bash next year. Invite your wedding party and family to join in on both rounds of festivities.

Endless Venue Possibilities

Give your guests a glimpse of the places you and your significant other love, from renting out your favorite restaurant for a wedding day brunch, to dancing the night away at your original venue. Always envisioned getting hitched in your hometown but couldn’t fit 200 people in your parents’ backyard? Well, now is your chance! Create a small, celestial celebration in a tent under the stars for your new ceremony date, followed by a dinner party reception at your venue on your rebooked wedding day.

Get Creative

If you’re planning to host more than one event, take the opportunity to get creative with your cuisine! Perhaps you go traditional at your first event, but get bit whimsical for the second, featuring a favorite dish from your travels, or even a spread of late-night bites.

Incorporate different themes and trends throughout your wedding festivities.  You can go traditional one night, then create a tropical escape, intimate, classic dinner party to modern bohemian retreat.  Serve different foods, really use this as chance to personalize your wedding.  The celebration is about you and the person you’re marrying and the events leading up to the big day should reflect the two of you.

Rely on Your Vendors

If you’re a complete DIY-er, rethinking your wedding day and planning back-to-back bashes may be right up your alley. But if you’re down to ditch the traditional and are feeling overwhelmed, partner with a member of our experienced team and a planner, caterer or venue coordinator to help assist with logistics and out-of-the-box solutions so you can host the ultimate big day. After all, is all of our jobs to make your life easier and your celebration seamless.