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Restaurant Reopening Solutions: Create Outdoor Dining Space

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 15:14 | by PEAK Team

With states starting to roll out phased restaurant reopening guidelines, it's more important than ever to maximize your dining space safely and efficiently.  Our customizable restaurant and dining hall tent solutions will allow you to increase your revenue and capacity while creating space for social distancing.  

We can tent off your restaurant, over a patio, in the parking lot or on your property and can help you come up with creative ways to reopen and continue to serve your guests. We are also launching private dining pods and new dividing walls, for the perfect dining out while adhering to social distancing experience.  

Tented Restaurant Outdoor Dining

Our tents and outdoor dining builds are completely customizable to meet your needs.  Create a floor to cover uneven surfaces in your parking lot or over grass, use sidewall - available in white clear or windowed - to protect guests from the elements or create a temperature controlled space with our heating and cooling options.

Restaurant Reopening Solutions, Branded Masks

If you're offering takeout or curbside pickup, use stanchions to assist with queues, and social distance floor stickers to ensure customers adhere to the 6-feet apart guidelines.  We also have reusable masks available you can brand for your team, and sanitation stations you can place throughout your space to encourage additional hand washing. 

Restaurant Reopening Tent Solutions

Thinking about hosting private dinner parties or small events?  We also have lounge areas, bars, tables, chairs, linen and tabletop rentals available to transform your outdoor dining space.

To learn more about our tented restaurant and dining solutions, call us at 781-503-2144.