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Tent Trends We Love ... Perfect For Fall

Thu, 09/16/2021 - 10:00 | by PEAK Team

Hosting your event in a tent offers the best of both worlds for you and your guests, giving you the feeling of being outdoors while also keeping your guests protected from the elements. While weather in New England can be tricky, we love when guests take advantage of celebrating outdoors in every season, especially when the fall foliage is in full swing. From elaborate entrances to luxurious lounge areas, we've highlighted some of our favorite fall tent trends featured in events past, guaranteed to inspire and make you swoon.

Elevated Entrances

The entryway sets the tone for an event, offering the opportunity to make a memorable first impression as guests enter the tent. Liven up your entrance by incorporating greenery and floral décor, decorative elements like lanterns and custom welcome signage, or greet guests with a stylish escort card display featuring bubbly or a signature cocktail.

Tented Event Entrances with Floral Installations


Custom Flooring

Flooring serves a practical purpose but going beyond functionality and incorporating a statement-worthy floor into your event design is a major “do” in our book. From ornate tile to hardwood stained specifically to match your event color scheme, there are myriad possibilities when it comes to flooring a tent space. Another idea: multi-level flooring to break up the area within a venue. Custom platforms are a great way to create a distinguished lounge or cocktail space and add an eye-catching architectural detail.

Custom Flooring for Event Tent


Hanging Florals, Drapery & Lighting Installations

Draw eyes upwards and focus on the height of your tent with hanging floral décor, draping and light installations. Greenery, suspended florals and faux trees are perfect for embellishing a tent ceiling or poles, lending to the notion of bringing the outdoors in. Elevated floral designs may also free up space on your table, enabling the elimination of centerpieces. Similarly, draping fabric along a tent’s walls and ceiling adds a luxurious element and can soften the look of a space. Lighting, be it uplighting, crystal chandeliers, lanterns or a dramatic install to mimic the setting sun also adds to the ambiance of your space. And, who doesn’t love that soft ambient glow when the sun goes down?

Hanging Florals and Lighting in a Clear Top Tent


Clear Tops

Clear top tents allow those hosting outdoors the ultimate al fresco feel while shielding guests from the elements. Clear ceilings, as well as optional clear or glass* sidewalls, available with Frame or Structure Tents enable unobstructed views of the sky and surrounding landscape. And who wouldn’t want to miss the beauty of the foliage?!

Clear Top Tent


Statement Bar Setups

The bar is one of the most popular places for guests to gather at any event and we love seeing clients elevate this high-traffic serving station by creating an original scene featuring one of our stylish bars. Whether your décor says classically elegant or modern and bohemian, we offer bars in a variety of shapes and styles to match any aesthetic. Looking to create a one-of-a-kind setup? Our Morph and Versa Bars can be tailored to fit your unique event theme with custom fabric inlays, patterns, monograms or even photos. And whether you want a semicircle bar, a standalone piece or a large decked out round or square bar in the center of your event space, our Morph Bar opens the door to virtually endless possibilities.

Bar Setup in an Event Tent


Outdoor Ceremony Stages

There’s something so romantic about hosting a wedding ceremony outdoors, especially with the fall foliage in full swing. Opting for staging at your ceremony creates a finished look and provides a level surface for guest seating and the wedding party to walk on without the obstacles of an uneven ground.

Wedding Ceremony on a Custom Built Stage


Luxurious Lounge Areas

Practical, stylish and accommodating, a lounge area is the perfect place for your guests to sit back and relax at your event. Adding a lounge is also a great way to break up an event space, provide an extra spot for photo ops, and tie together your overall design. Create an elegant entertaining space with our Mod Boho furniture, available in neutral beige and grey colors, or design a sophisticated and masculine setup with our Orson Leather Sofa or Chester Sofas & Couches. Be sure to complete your lounge look with a colorful and stylish pillow package.

Lounge Area in Tent