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Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures

Equipment Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures

PEAK Event Services is committed to ensuring the quality, sanitation and cleanliness of its equipment.


All our dish and glass cleaning processes incorporate equipment that utilizes water temperature in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which, when incorporated with our dish cleaning solution, exceeds the FDA Food Code.



Similar to that of our Dish process, the combination of detergent, high water temperature and length of wash cycle, exceeds the FDA Food Code.


General Equipment

We wipe down the surfaces of our general equipment items (which includes tables, chairs, bars, shelving, and more) with an all-purpose cleaner, followed by the application of a spray sanitizing solution. The sanitizer is then allowed to air dry on the surface, in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations, prior to making the equipment available to use.



Similar to both our Dish and Linen processes, PEAK uses cleaning equipment that utilizes the combination of a detergent and high temperature water to ensure the cleanliness of our tenting equipment.


For more information regarding the Full FDA Food Code, or to download the most recent copy of the code guidelines, please click the button below.