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Tent Services

Tent Services

PEAK Event Services is proud to combine the highest standard of customer service with the expertise of our tent team to provide a full-service experience when renting a tent.  No matter how big your tent is or where it is located, we are here to facilitate the process. For any tent inquiries or questions, call our tent line directly at 781-503-2144 and please check out some of our additional  service offerings below:


According to the 2018 International Building Code and Fire Code, all tents over 400 square feet in size require a permit through the municipality in which the tent is set. The Peak Compliance Office works closely with all cities and towns throughout our service area and enjoys excellent relationships with these entities because of our commitment to following the proper permitting procedures and installation practices. A Massachusetts Licensed Builder directs our staff and we also have available to us licensed plumbers and electricians needed for certain permitting for heating and electrical work.

CAD Drawings / Architectural Stamped Drawings

As part of the permitting process and to ensure that our installation teams have accurate information, Peak has on staff a full time CAD Designer that, with the assistance of our Sales & Compliance teams, creates accurate CAD drawings.  We are also able to work with event management staff, caterers and others to draw interior layouts of tents and other event spaces.

Additionally, because permitting is becoming more and more complex in many municipalities, Peak works extensively with a licensed architect to create stamped CAD drawings that meet or exceed the International Building and Fire Codes. 

Site Inspections

As part of the sales process, each new event space is inspected by a member of our sales team to ensure that the client’s vision and the complexities of the construction processes are examined. After our initial inspection, we are able to create a CAD drawing for each of our tented events for client review and also to use as part of the permitting and installation processes. 

Man on Premises

To ensure the comfort and safety of event guests, Peak offers our MOP service where we have a qualified technician on site to assist with weather related issues such as assistance with heaters and sidewall, compliance questions, and general maintenance of Peak tents and other equipment. Our MOP service gives an extra level of comfort and confidence in our products and services. 

As more and more municipalities are requiring crowd control for larger tented events, our MOP service can also provide Crowd Control Management Services. Peak has on staff Certified Crowd Control Managers through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.

Custom Branding Solutions

Bring your organization front and center by using your tent as a blank canvas to showcase your brand’s logo, mission statement and more. From custom colored tent tops to branded sidewalls, we offer a variety of marketing and branding opportunities sure to make your event stand out.

Rapid Response Services

We offer temporary structures for emergency management needs.  With 24-hour assistance available, we offer short and long-term Medical Tent and Emergency Tent solutions in all styles and sizes. Our Medical and Emergency Tents provide additional space for patient screening, medical supply storage, training facilities, employee break space, additional service areas and more. Medical Tents and Emergency Tents available nationally.  To learn more about these services and our offerings, please call: 781-503-2144

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